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Product Description

Part Number

24261308 - you must match this!

This TCU will require programming to your vehicle. The truck this TCU came out of may not have the same shift schedules as your truck even though the part # match so please make sure you have a mechanic ready to go for programming before purchasing.


This tcu will interchange or replace the following part numbers: 24261308. Please use the part number to verify fitment with your mechanic prior to purchasing if you are unsure this will work in your truck.

Tech Notes

    TCU has been tested with our state of the art vehicle simulator! Some of the circuits tested are listed below:
  • All Transmission pressure switches
  • TCU powered up and has communication
  • All Transmission internal mode switches
  • TFT Sensor
  • Both pressure control solenoids
  • Transmission rotational speed sensors
  • Shift Solonoid controls or outputs tested good
  • These modules can be damaged by the internal transmission wiring harness. To insure longevity of this module make sure your mechanic goes over that harness or simply replaces it.

Install Notes

  • Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Make sure the battery connector is not touching the battery post.
  • Disconnect and remove the module to be replaced.
  • Install and connect the replacement module.
  • Connect the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Programming will be required. Please discuss this with your mechanic before purchasing this TCU.

Item Condition

  • Mounting points are all open and intact
  • Connector pins are perfect, none are broken or bent
  • Lock tabs in place


This TCU comes with a 60 day warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep a copy of your purchase record which we will send with your item.