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Product Description

Part Number

F65B-14B205-AC - You must match this exactly! NOTE: One mounting point is chipped off but the other will hold this firmly in place. Review pictures prior to purchase.


You must match your part number all the way through the software code. Please remove the negative terminal on your battery during install otherwise we believe the module will require programming to your truck. Module will fit the following models:

1997 and 1998 Ford F-Series 4X2 trucks with matching part number.

Tech Notes

    Module has been tested and inspected by our experienced electronics techs! Some of those tests/repairs are listed below:
  • Unit opened up and board refurbished. 
  • Techs can communicate with the gem/ctm and perform a self test with the unit ruling out the following issues:  Internal software and hardware/ codes 14 and 15 Seat belt warning indicator circuit/ code 32 door ajar indicator circuit/ code 34 Wiper switch circuit/ code 12 wiper delay circuit/ code 13 key in ignition circuit self test input circuit Wiper run/park relay primary circuit code/ 21 Battery saver relay primary circuit/ code 22 Interior lamp relay primary circuit / code 23 washer pump relay primary circuit / code 24
  • No corrosion found. Traces are good or have been repaired as needed.


This module carries a 6 month warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep a copy of your sales record which we will send with your order.