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Product Description

Part Number

68273365 - This TIPM will work for all software codes AA through AB as long as your part number is 68273365.

TIPM will arrive plug n play with instructions. Instructions for plug n play generally take less than 3 minutes to complete after the TIPM has been installed. NO trip to your dealer or local mechanic!


    There are multiple styles and internal board layouts. You must match your part number all the way through the software code to ensure proper fitment.
  • 2016 Jeep Wrangler models with the same part number.
  • You may need to swap a couple fuses and relays as necessary from your fuse box into this unit prior to install.
  • These fuse boxes require programming however your TIPM will arrive plug and play with instructions! No trip to the dealer!

Tech Notes

    Fuse Box has been tested and/or repaired by our experienced electronics techs! Some of those tests/repairs are listed below:
  • Fuse box opened and rebuilt!
  • Fuse box has been tested for communication and ignition power and grounds plus more!
  • All traces good or repaired as necessary
  • No broken or corroded pins
  • Lid is included

Core Return

If you would like to send your core back for a partial refund we'll include a prepaid return label. Once it comes in we'll issue a $35 partial refund. We won't be able to issue the partial core refund if your original unit has been damaged beyond repair due to water damage, physical damage or a previous repair attempt.


This Fuse box carries a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep a copy of your sales record which we will send with your order.