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Product Description

Part Number

4358811 software updated to 31320631 / Aisin Transmission ONLY - YOU MUST MATCH THIS!

We offer FREE programming, see details below!


    This ecu will interchange or replace the following vehicles:
  • 2016 and 2017 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins diesel models. You MUST match your part number and transmission!

Tech Notes

    ECU has been tested with our state of the art vehicle simulator which tests over 25 circuits of the ECU! Some of those are listed below:
  • Power and communication
  • All 5v outputs and injectors
  • MAF sensor and CKP sensor input
  • Alternator field, Fan and VGT voltage output
  • High pressure pump driver circuit
  • APP sensor 1+2, A/C pressure sensor, ambient pressure sensor and DPF outlet pressure sensor
  • Boost pressure sensor, Soot delta pressure sensor, ECT sensor and Crankcase pressure sensor
  • EGR orifice temp sensor, Exh pressure sensor, Intake air throttle sensor and intake manifold temp sensor
  • Turbo cit sensor, water in fuel sensor, Lift pump output and EGR cooler circuit
  • Air intake throttle motor circuits
  • Starter relay, A/C clutch relay, SCR relay
  • Intake air heater circuit and intake air diverter circuit

Item Condition

  • Mounting points are all open and intact
  • Pins perfect, none are broken or bent
  • Connectors may have some small chips in the plastic but all lock tabs in place

Programming / Security

For Plug and Play you must do the following three steps:

Step 1: Match your part number per above fitment/interchange notes

Step 2: Program ecu to your VIN and mileage. We provide free programming for our customers. During checkout you must list your VIN and mileage in the "Notes to Seller" for us to program the ECM. If we do not hear from you through the order notes or a message through eBay we will assume your mechanic is performing the programming (no problem at all) and we will ship the ECM out the next business day as directed by eBay.


This ECM comes with a 3 month warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep a copy of your purchase record which we will send with your item.