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Product Description

Part Number

  • 0 261 209 054 / 12602703
  • Service NO: 12602703 - You must match all of this!
  • ECU has security and requires programming before installation. We offer FREE VIN programming so the ECU arrives and your vehicle will start once a key relearn process is completed. We will send instructions on how to complete this. During chekcout, be sure to put your VIN in the "notes to seller" field, otherwise we'll message after the purchase for your VIN.
  • A crankshaft and throttle relearn are also recommended when replacing the ECU. A scan tool is required to complete the crank and throttle relearn. Your vehicle may not run properly if these are not completed. Be sure your mechanic is capable of completing these before purchasing.


  • You must match your part numbers exactly as seen above all the way through. If any numbers are off compared to your original it will not work properly.
  • ECU will require programming or coding to your vehicle or vehicle's security system and is not plug and play.
  • ECU will fit Cadillac CTS and SRX 3.6L models with exact part numbers match.

Tech Notes

    ECU has been tested with our state of the art vehicle simulator which tests over 15 circuits of the ECU! Some of those are listed below:
  • Reference Voltage Good!
  • ECU powered up and has communication!
  • ECU fuel pump/main relay test good!
  • ECU injectors/coils test good and much more!


For Plug and Play you must follow the below three steps:

Step 1: Match your part number series per above fitment guide

Step 2: Program ECU to your VIN. Your local dealer or certified mechanic will be able to handle this. We offer FREE VIN programming so the ECU arrives programmed to your VIN. Just put your VIN in the "notes to seller" field during checkout otherwise we'll message after the purchase for your VIN.

Step 3: Complete the key relearn process. We will send instructions for this process. Once the theft deterrent process is completed the vehicle will start.

**NOTE: As long as you did match your part and service numbers, the vehicle will start. If the vehicle is running poorly you will need to have a crank and throttle relearn completed. An OE level scan tool will be required for these two processes. If you have any questions please contact us with your part and service numbers and the trouble codes being set in the vehicle.

Item Condition

  • Mounting points are all intact
  • Pins perfect, none are broken or bent


This ECM comes with a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep a copy of your purchase record which we will send with your item.