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Product Description

Tech Notes

  • This service is for the repair of your clusters stepper motors, odometer/prndl readout and new illumination "only". If you are having a different issue please contact us prior to purchase.
  • If you recently purchased a replacement from your local junk yard and just need the mileage programmed see our service specifically for odometer correction: Mileage Programming Service

Programing & Return Process

    The cluster repair process is pretty simple!
  • Step 1: Click on the buy it now button. (Please make sure to read the Tech Notes above prior to purchase, thanks!)
  • Step 2: Package your speedometer carefully so that it does not incur structural damage during shipment. Take it to the Post Office, FedEx, DHL or UPS and ship it to:

    Your Part Source
    4503 N Illinois St.
    Swansea, IL 62226
    Attn: Programming / (your eBay user name here)

  • Step 3: The Speedometer arrives for repairs! We will repair your speedometer the same or next business day and ship it back to you promptly. We ship on Saturdays!!
  • Step 4: Since this is your speedometer it will return repaired, cleaned and ready for plug and play installation! It's that simple!


This repair comes with a 1 year warranty

Part Numbers covered

We can repair all 2003 to 2007 GM Truck or SUV clusters that look like the pictured cluster! If you have a manual or the transmission temperature style we can repair those as well. Here are some of the typical part numbers: (Example pictures of cluster below)

15114650 / 28103107 / 15114659 / 15182147 / 15135669 / 15182146 / 15114649 / 15190826 / 15135668 / 15105687 / 15190827 / 15224141 / 15224139 / 15224142 / 15105691 / 15287370 / 15105687 / 15114647 / 15114652 / 15287371 / 15101853


    You are responsible for shipping the speedometer to us. We will return your cluster via USPS Priority.
  • USPS Priority - 2 to 3 day shipping (This is included with the listed shipping cost)
  • Due to eBay's strict shipping policies we list a 15 day handling period. We anticipate your speedometer arriving much sooner and when it does we will repair it the same or next business day. Once repaired the part will ship by the next business morning.