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Product Description

Repair & Return Process

    The Repair and return process is pretty simple and helps you avoid paying the high cost of a new GEM module through your dealer.
  • Step 1: Click on the buy it now button, select your return shipping preference and complete checkout. (Please make sure to read the Tech Notes below prior to purchase, thanks!)
  • Step 2: Package your GEM/4x4 module carefully so that it does not incur structural damage during shipment. Take it to the Post Office, FedEx, DHL or UPS and ship it to:

    Your Part Source
    4503 N Illinois St.
    Swansea, IL 62226
    Attn: R&R/(your eBay user name here)

    (Please make sure to include a note detailing the issues your vehicle is having and any trouble codes the vehicle is throwing. Make sure to include a contact number which we will only use if we run into an issues with the repair.)
  • Step 3: The GEM/4x4 module arrives for repairs! We will repair your GEM/4x4 module the same or next business day and ship it back to you promptly. We ship on Saturdays!!
  • Step 4: Since this is your GEM/4x4 module it will return repaired, cleaned and ready for plug and play installation! It's that simple!

Tech Notes

  • This is a full test and rebuild, not just a re-flow. There are internal components which may need replaced, solder re-flowing and over 10 components that are tested and repaired as needed. Your module case and pins will also be cleaned so it is ready for install when you receive it back! (Please make sure your connector is free of debris, oil, dirt etc etc so a good connection is made!) 
  • Not all issues with your GEM module can be repaired. Please contact us before purchasing the service so we can make sure there is a good possibility your issue can be repaired.
  • Please note that sometimes the damage to an GEM/4x4 module is unrepairable. In cases like this if we attempt a repair but the unit does not come back we do charge a $94.99 diagnostic fee which means you will receive a refund but not a full refund.
  • If you know the codes your module is throwing please email us prior to purchase and in most cases we can let you know if the damage is repairable or not. If not we may have the GEM/4x4 module you need in stock and will go over options with you.


  • This repair carries a Limited 6 month Warranty!
  • You will receive a detail of the repairs that took place. Those repairs are covered for 6 months Please make sure all other issues related to your system are checked and verified working. If it is determined those repairs did not take place and the same component(s) are blown it will not be covered under the warranty. In all cases where there is an issue, rest assured we will work with you to get your vehicle up and running.

Part Numbers

2C3T-14B205-AA 2C3T-14B205-AB 3C3T-14B205-AB F81B-14B205-FC F81B-14B205-FB F81B-14B205-EN F81B-14B205-EL F81B-14B205-EP

We can repair most of these modules. If you know your module is beyond repair email us and there is a good chance we have a replacement in stock!


    You are responsible for shipping the module to us. During checkout you will be able to choose the following:
  • USPS Priority - 2 to 3 day shipping (This is included with the listed shipping cost)
  • Due to eBay's strict shipping policies we list a 15 day handling period. We anticipate your module arriving much sooner and when it does we will repair it the same or next business day. Once repaired the module will ship by the next business morning.