What to know when trying to match your part number and why it is important

Posted by John Eimer on

One of the most asked questions we get from our great customers is "do you have my part"? 

Our response to this is "possibly, could you let us know what the part number is off of yours".

Why do we ask this first? 

For us to be able to send the correct part to our customers that will work best for them we would need this to ensure there are no fitment issues when they try to install the new unit into the vehicle. 

A lot of times the follow question from our customers is "how do I find that?"

The answer to this will sometimes vary but most of the time there will be a part sticker on the part itself.  Even then it can be confusing to locate which number is the part number as many times there will be more than one number on the sticker. Sometimes an easier way is to call your local dealership with your vin number and they will be able to give you the part number. 

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